There’s a better way to serve all students right now

Credit: Jonathan Kirn/The Image Bank, via Getty Images via New York Times “How To Reopen The Economy Without Killing Teachers and Parents” by Shardha Jogee 7/20/2020

By Kat O’Brien

There are many grassroots discussions taking place in online communities around the country, exploring the safest and most robust learning conditions for hybrid learning, acknowledging the need to provide support to parents and families at this time.

By Kat O’Brien

But equitable access to remote learning will require more than just devices

Chromebook Cart: Ready to Checkout

CPS has recently announced that they will be working with schools and in some cases, individual families, to ensure that all students have access to devices to start the year remotely.

On Friday August 7, they sent out this message to families in an updated email about…

Not all heroes wear capes, but they definitely wear masks

Since the news dropped Friday that families would need to register for hybrid or at-home learning by August 7, we’ve all been scrambling to unpack what this means and how to navigate what frankly — feels less like a choice and more like an ultimatum to either back the district’s…

Working from home with kids can be messy, but it’s also manageable

By Kat O’Brien

Originally published 3/14/2020 | Updated 3/30/2020

So, it’s been two weeks since most school closures and the burden and strain on families with kids during this time of social distancing to “flatten the curve” … has been a lot. For everyone. …


Katherine O’Brien is a producer, writer, educator and community organizer. You can find her at and @uknowkatobrien on twitter

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